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Thursday, August 21, 2014

For Zoam Chomsky and his "critics"

The July 17th, 2014 issue of The London Review of Books has a letter from Anil Gomes (Trinity College, Oxford) referencing an article in the June 19th issue of LRB.

It goes to H.A. Prichard's philosophical position, adopted by the so-called Oxford realists.

I won't go into the article or argument here but thought this was pertinent to what happens when Zoam Chomsky and his "opponents" get into discussions here (and elsewhere):

"The Oxford realists held that knowledge was a basic mental state, different in kind from belief and opinion. And whereas opinion could be supported on the basis of evidence, knowledge was a basic apprehension of truths. Someone who disagreed with you, then, couldn’t be argued out of his position by appealing to evidence. Rather, any disagreement could only be the result of one or other party to the dispute – most likely one’s opponent – failing to apprehend what was true clearly and rationally." [Letters, LRB]


The Steep Rock "hoax"

Here's a UFO tale said to be a hoax, and who am I to dispute that:

What shows this UFO account to be a hoax?

On its face, the account is fictive -- novelized -- as if someone was writing a SciFi story. (Compare it to Lonnie Zamora's police-like report about his 1964 Socorro sighting.)

But what disturbs, somewhat, are later "sightings" like this one which I've noted here: The Aldeburgh sighting and the Reverend Gill sighting(s).

Was the Steep Rock acount actually a hoax or did the persons initially reporting it recant, bcause they were hounded by peers or government/military agencies, who wanted to discount the sighting (for one reason or another)?

Yet, the prose elaboration tells me the story was concocted, however....


A bone on Mars?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In 1994 it was revealed that a mysterious document had surfaced that appeared to be a CIA wiretap memo summarizing an intriguing  phone conversation between journalist Dorothy Kilgallen (a prominent reporter in the ‘50s and ‘60s) and a close friend.  It was learned from this 1962 wiretap that President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe had, during a tryst, discussed subjects relating to the extraterrestrial and to Kennedy’s planned inspection of “things from space”that were located at a “secret air base.”

Kilgallen and her confidant Howard Rothberg are then heard discussing things that Killgalen had learned aboutcrashed spacecraft and bodies from another world and their recovery by military.The memo has been touted by prominent Ufologists and conspiracy writers such as Nick Redfern, Jim Marrs and Don Burleson (as well as JFK and Marilyn biographers.) It has been featured in books, magazines and on websites. Twenty years later it can now be revealed that this potentially explosive piece of documentary evidence is a hoax. How this was discerned -and the people who created this con- are revealed here and now:


The document was first revealed to the world by an a man named Milo Speriglio,who passed in 2000. He was a noted private detective and author on the subject of Marilyn Monroe. His book “The Marilyn Conspiracy” was a bestseller and his other two, “Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe” and “Marilyn Monroe: Murder Cover-Up” sold moderately well. When he died at age 62, the New York Timesobituary was not kind and noted that Speriglio was a publicity hound who tried to insert himself with celebrity cases, including in the OJ case. They added that to Saltzer all publicity was good as long as the name was spelled right. Speriglio –despite his being a detective- was a notorious gossip. And he was rather gullible. 

For instance, he endorsed the tall-tales of a lackluster Hollywood writer, the discredited Robert Saltzer (who pathetically claimed he was briefly married to Marilyn.) Speriglio, fond of the California good life, was dollar oriented. He was known to receive tabloid money. Though he must have known Saltzer a fraud, he accepted money from him to finance the investigations into Marilyn’s death that led to the publication of Speriglio’s Marilyn books in the 1980s. By the 1990s however, Speriglio’s celebrity-detective star status that he had fashioned for himself had faded.

In 1994 Speriglio received a poorly reproduced copy of an ‘official’ document relating to Marilyn Monroe from what one site calls “an unknown well-wisher.” This CIA document seemed to be a Top Secret report dated August 3, 1962. A phone tap had yielded the astounding fact that Marilyn Monroe and John Kennedy had discussed recovered flying saucers! They were being stored at a secret military base and the President was going there to inspect them!

Here is the text of the Memo for ease-of-reading:
SUBJECT: Marilyn Monroe
DATE: 3, August 1962
REFERENCES: MOON DUST, Project of (illegible)

Wiretap of telephone conversation between reporter Dorothy Kilgallen and her close friend, Howard Rothberg (A); from wiretap of telephone conversation of Marilyn Monroe and Attorney General Robert Kennedy (B). Appraisal of Content:[A portion redacted.]

1. Rothberg discussed the apparent comeback of subject with Kilgallen and the break up with the Kennedys. Rothberg told Kilgallen that she was attending Hollywood parties hosted by the "inner circle" among Hollywood's elite and was becoming the talk of the town again. Rothberg indicated in so many words, that she had secrets to tell, no doubt arising from her trists [sic] with the President and the Attorney General. 

One such "secret" mentions the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting things from outer space. Kilgallen replied that she knew what might be the source of visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of secret effort by US and UK governments to identify the origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British government official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the New Mexico story in the late forties. Kilgallen said that if the story is true, it would cause terrible embarrassment for Jack and his plans to have NASA put men on the moon.

2. Subject repeatedly called the Attorney General and complained about the way she was being ignored by the President and his brother.

3. Subject threatened to hold a press conference and would tell all.

4. Subject made reference to "bases" in Cuba and knew of the President's plan to kill Castro.

5. Subject made reference to her "diary of secrets" and what the newspapers would do with such disclosures.

It is signed by James Jesus Angleton, then CIA Chief for Counterintelligence. Above Angleton’s signature appears a second Top Secret stamp. The reference to Project Moondust is interesting in that this acknowledged military program retrieves downed space debris, satellites, and some say, UFOs.

Speriglio maintained that his contacts within intelligence community had confirmed its authenticity. Desperate to re-enter the limelight, Speriglio released the document with fanfare, offering up his opinions and analysis. The document has since been mentioned not only in many UFO books, but also in mainstream books on the lives and deaths of JFK and Marilyn.



Rothberg was a close associate of journalist Dorothy Kilgallen. He owned an antique shop on 3rd Avenue in New York City and also acted as a designer to NY elite. Killgalen was provided many leads and tips by him. However, despite the memo mentioning that Rothberg knew about Marilyn’s social activities and “inner circle.” But Howard Rothberg was in reality far removed from any such association. Donald Spato, author of the definitive “Marilyn Monroe: The Biography” (2001) addresses this directly: “Howard Perry Rothberg was a New York interior designer with no connection at all to Marylyn’s inner circle.” This ‘fact’ -as reported in the alleged CIA report- is simply not. For that reason, the whole JFK-Marilyn-ET scenario rings hollow.


Speriglio was never precise in explaining the who/what/when and where about just how he came to possess the copy of this CIA memo. 

But buried in a 17 section website called The Majestic Documents we find the answer. Run by Robert Wood, PhD and former McDonnell Douglas executive and his son Ryan, they write: “In the spring of 1992 Tim Cooper received the Marilyn Monroe document from what Tim believes to be a former CIA employee, most likely an archivist. The document arrived in the PO box as normal mail. Later, Tim provided it to Milo Speriglio who ran the Nick Harris detective agency where Milo first published it.”

Who is Tim Cooper? He is employed full time as a security officer in California. Very interestingly, I found that he is a graduate of the Nick Harris Detective Academy, which was owned and operated by Milo Speriglio! The two were close and had apparently known one another for some time. In 1988 Cooper began investigating and researching military and intelligence UFO operations. Some years later he began to receive various UFO documents of seemingly historic value from a former CIA officer that Cooper said called himself ‘Thomas Cantwell.’ Among these documents was the Marilyn Monroe document. Many other Cooper-contributed documents are shown on the Wood’s Majestic Documents website.

-Little known however is that nearly a decade after Milo Sperglio passed away, Cooper disavowed all such documents he had provided –including the Marilyn document- as frauds. In an April 23rd, 2009 email to respected long-time UFO researcher Robert Hastings (archived on The UFO Chronicles website.) Tim Cooper makes an astonishing confession. He admitted that he no longer had faith in any of the documents on UFOs and Roswell that he had previously promoted. Cooper confirmed that all of the “documents” that he was previously associated with are either questionable or outright fabrications. 

Cooper recants his prior work to Hastings and stated in the email  “the MJ-12 documents are a hoax and that those who promote them as reality know this, or should know this.” Of the supposed ET agreement called Project Serpo (now believed to be inspired by former AFOSI agent and prankster Richard Doty) he says, “It is pure science fiction.” He speaks disparagingly of “documents” found in the book “Exempt from Disclosure” by Robert Collins and Richard Doty to which Cooper contributed. He said that he has since ceased his association with Richard Doty and Collins. Cooper admits that articles that they had authored about James Jesus Angleton’s supposed UFO involvement were only what he called “speculative pieces.” When Hastings emailed Collins back with additional questions on this confession, Collins declined to respond and never commented on the matter again.

-So we now know that the very individual who introduced Milo Spergilio to the Marilyn document (and who in turn introduced it to the world) has now vehemently disavowed and discounted its authenticity (among many other such documents he had released.)

-And Cooper’s mention of both MJ-12 and Richard Doty is revealing. If one looks very closely at the document copy in the link above, you will see, at the bottom left of the page (after the Top Secret stamp and to the left of Angleton’s signature) three code words. 

The last one is faint, but reads: 54-(illegible)/MJ-12. Of course MJ-12  is a hoax (which many today believe to have been inspired by William Moore and Richard Doty.) So goes the Marilyn document by its mention of MJ-12 as a code word.

-The document’s signature by James Jesus Angleton is also telling. In Doty’s bookExempt From Disclosure he repeatedly brings up wild  tales that relate to Angleton’s knowledge of the extraterrestrial visitors and their crashes. Tim Cooper now concedes that all of this is simply BS.

-Yet another interesting item is the misspelling of the word “trysts” as “trists,” in Section 1 of the document, which alludes to the JFK-Monroe relationship. Doty is a notoriously poor speller. The arch-skeptic the late Phil Klass noted this and Doty’s emails and writings make this point evident.


It becomes clear that the Marilyn document involved people who created the deception as well as those who perpetuated it. Richard Doty and Timothy Cooper fed a tall tale to a fading star, Milo Speriglio, so that he may shine again. He did shine by sharing it- and the hoax story about the Marilyn document has ever since been uncritically repeated from book to book, site to site, year after year. Until today.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Aldeburgh Platform

I found this in our archives, and hope the source forgives me for not knowing how we obtained it:

The Aldeburgh Platform

These two images appeared in the original capture:
                                  The Platform
                                The Locale

The sighting should be well known to CDA and other Brits; it reminds me of the Reverend Gill/New Guinea sighting of 1959, nine years earlier.


Source for Socorro Prototype Speculation

Here is a link to a source that may explain what Lonnie Zamora may have seen at Socorro in 1964:

Balloon-Tethering of Lunar Test Module

David Rudiak will pooh-pooh this suggestion but he has nothing concrete to establish an ET explanation, while this link can provide information that circumstantially provides a realistic possibility for Lonnie Zamora's experience.

(I'll provide the exact prototype test date and data upcoming.)


"The Roswell Perspective"

I came across the following item while scouring our 2005 blog archive:

It ends with this, which CDA should like:

"Those of us who served in the 509th Bomb Group at the time had considerable pride in our unit and respected our commanders. I believe we would have acted responsibly and promptly if there had been such a 'cataclysmic event.' The accusations that any of us have been involved in some sort of massive cover-up is ludicrous for one simple reason: Nothing occurred to cover up!"

There are links to much Roswell material, pro and con. Roswellians should find some useful things in it.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lonnie Zamora radio interview

James Braswell found, at an internet archive site, a radio interview with Police Officer Lonnie Zamora that took place shortly after the April 24th 1964 Socorro event.

Mr. Braswell sent the MP3 recording to Bruce Duensing for forwarding here and we thank both for the effort.

Mr. Braswell writes that the interview lasts a little over 12 minutes and that reference to the symbol or insignia that Officer Zamora allegedly saw appears near the beginning of the interview.

It does, but by the radio host (interviewer) and Officer Zamora refrains from confirming the hosts description.

Click HERE for the interview.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Plants do, indeed, communicate, and may pilot UFOs.....yup

UFO Odds and Ends

The Roswell "flying disk" was real; media said so.
What Lonnie Zamora really saw in Socorro?
The Source of Betty Hill's latter ET descriptions?
1897 airship despite what Gilles Fernandez thinks
The Navy squadron Ken Arnold thought were "flying saucers"
               David Rudiak can't get a better image of this? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

And now it's the Roswell Rock

The History2 Channel, Friday, 8/15/14, presented an hour long airing about a rock found near Roswell in 2004 that is ostensibly connected to the 1947 Roswell incident.

The show was, hosted by Giorgio Tsoukalos, the Ancient Astronaut theorist:
The show wasn't about AAs, but about a rock that has a mysterious symbol or drawing on its surface and magnetic qualities.

I won't go into the various elements of the show or the show's conjectures, but I will say that the idea of a rock with a Roswell connection is not unlike the Roswell slide saga, interesting but not relevant.

That is, neither a Roswell rock nor Roswell slides will explain what happened near Roswell in July 1947.

Roswell has developed a mythos, a mythical patina. That patina has to be wiped away by absolute, scientific investigation or research.

But the the Roswell story is considered, by normal people, to be a convoluted mishmash of hysteria and lies that continues to draw in irrational believers, liars, and con men.

No decent academic, scientist, or media person wants to touch Roswell or even have a transitory involvment with the topic (or event).

The Roswell Rock was interesting for those enamored of fringe topics and quirky, anomalous artifacts that sometime show up and gain an audience for a brief time.

The Roswell slides will follow that scenario: a brief spurt of interest with a following diminishment that places the photos in a Roswell footnote that only die-hard Roswellians and UFO addicts will seek out when someone brings up Roswell as a moment in time when a small segment of society was intrigued by a bizarre example of military and public hysteria.


A manual for writing a [student] research paper, about UFOs

This PDF shows how to write a research paper, and uses the UFO topic as an example:

Those writing a blog or filling in a web-site will find the manual edifying; even those who just write comments can find useful advice therein.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Roswell Team’s Mission: Sidetracked or Derailed

I know some of you hate the ongoing posting here about the alleged Roswell slides but it’s a farce that needs to be made transparent or wiped away.

Kevin Randle set up The Roswell Dream Team to clarify and cleanse the Roswell story of erroneous detritus, placing the so-called incident in a factual frame of reference once and for all.

But after Mr. Randle’s withdrawal from the Team – and let’s not go there again – the Team got bogged down with an obsession about some Kodachrome slides that they think are from the Roswell area and time-period (July 1947).

That provenance – Roswell and July 1947 – has yet to be proven, and I suspect it won’t be.

The Roswell affair, in toto, has been set aside to pursue the slide story, which has become the summum bonum of the Team’s effort.

That some on the Team see this as a money-maker goes without saying (or writing).

Fame and fortune have blinded the Team members; the Roswell incident buried in the obsession to become famous or rich.

My obsession with the team efforts is almost as bad as their obsession to get publicity for the Kodachrome slides, almost.

Part of what this blog is meant to do is present the panoply of foolishness and/or truth about UFOs and the phenomena’s followers.

Once the slides are presented and ridiculed, I’ll relent and get back to providing what little I can find about UFOs.

Meanwhile, bear with me. The slides need to be made public so we can have at them, and remove their onus once and for all.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An, Man on the Moon?

The Roswell Slides Team is a bit too zealous and non-objective or scientific

Anthony Bragalia proselytizes for the Roswell slides writing that the slides show “the alien depicted to be that of a corpse of a non-human bipedal being.”

We’ll give him that.

But what the slides DO NOT SHOW OR PROVE is that the photos were taken in or near Roswell in July 1947.

Moreover, the slides confirm nothing about the Roswell event.

That Mr. Bragalia and his team-mates think the public or UFO community is going to accept their non-objective, non-scientific view is what’s really nutty.

Mr. Bragalia, by assuming an ET bias with Roswell overtones will marginalize him in the UFO community and will take down NASA staffer Larry Lemke and Chris Rutkowski with him.

Mr. Bragalia finalizes his comment in another post here about the slides with this:

“People will dream up all kinds of crazy things about the slides…”

Yes, indeed….they will, Mr. Bragalia and his cronies more than anyone else.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Socorro Symbol/Insignia tells us what Officer Zamora actually saw

French skeptic Gilles Fernandez has provided a link to his skeptical blog or forum, about the Socorro symbol:

Gilles looks at the symbol as a conjunction of memory, graphic similarities, and other associations.

It’s a legitimate take.

But my ongoing and obsessed attention to the symbol is premised by the idea that I’ve often expressed: Identification of the symbol (or insignia) will tell us what Officer Zamora spotted in the Socorro desert.

I’ve argued, earlier here and at our other blogs, that it seems iffy the symbol was inscribed by alien (extraterrestrial) beings on the side of their craft.

One can make the alien case I suppose, and Wikipedia’s review of human writing and proto-writing, highlighting the non-connection to western civilization’s evolved writing by Chinese, Japanese, AmerIndian script among others can help one do that:

Also, here’s a concise and pithy review of human writing from which one can make a case for an alien culture developing writing similarly to how human beings have:

But striving to show that an extraterrestrial presence would paint or place a symbol on its interplanetary (or inter-dimensional) craft raises more questions than it answers, such as how the phonemic connection to human writing was created and how similar writing came into being for an alien culture, but it could be done, and maybe has been.

Setting aside the problematic connection of an ET explanation for the Socorro craft, one can attempt to see if there are human symbolism that explains the insignia Lonnie Zamora saw and drew.

Matt Gilleece did this for us a while back, tracing the popular Socorro symbol to Howard Hughes:

But that explanation has been compromised by the insertion of other symbols that Officer Zamora allegedly saw and drew.

Monsieur Fernandez is locked into a skeptical stance that is warped by his incendiary dislike of the ETH and its proponents.

But he diminishes his dismissal by a rational comment about symbols generally:

"So the probability to find some similarities between symbols is not shocking me, nor hallucinating or astonishing me."

That’s not the point however, and it’s certainly not my point.

I think the Socorro craft was a man-made prototypical, experimental craft and the symbol was infused on it by its creator(s): Howard Hughes and the CIA operation, Raven Industries, the symbol a manifestation of the egoistical engineers that Mr. Hughes engendered and used.

That is has human origin is what I see, alchemical perhaps, or computer-symbolization as I’ve outlined several times in the past here, with cited illustrations.

Monsieur Fernandez can take all the time he likes to show that symbols are similar or generated by human memory and imagination but that is a fool’s argument.

I and others are not arguing that methodology.

We are merely saying that the Socorro symbol – if we can determine which one is the real one – will lead us back to the source of the thing seen by Lonnie Zamora in 1964.

It may turn out to be alien after all, but more likely it seems to have a human origin and when we discover or decipher that, we’ll have provided an explanation for the Socorro event.


The Roswell slides are photos of a White Sands rocket test accident?

This insertion is from an abstract about Rocket tests, beginning in 1946, from White Sands:

Many of those who worked in rocketry during the war nurtured the hope that the time may come when rockets are used for the sole purpose of scientific exploration. For me, the realization that this time had indeed come occurred in the summer of 1946 on the White Sands Proving Grounds where some of the captured V-2's from Peenemuende were testfired.

Working on the gyro stabilization system near the top of the rocket high on a shaky ladder, I met a young scientist who stood nearby on another shaky ladder and fixed a little Geiger counter that he had built at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington. The counter had a thin window to admit ultraviolet radiation from the Sun; the name of the young scientist was Herbert Friedman. For Dr. Friedman, this rocket flight in White Sands stood at the beginning of a brilliant career in space science. [Italics mine]

(No, the Dr. Friedman is not Stan or a relative, as far as I know.)

Here is a link to the full page from which I culled the excerpt above:

White Sands

My suggestion is that what Bernerd Ray's kodachromes show is the aftermath of a White Sands rocket accident. in which some Navy personnel were wounded or killed.

The Roswell team hasn't pursued this possibility because of their zeal to show the body in the slides is an alien (extraterrestrial) humanoid.

I don't think the Roswell team has drilled down deep enough to determine what the Kodachrome slides actually show.


Heim Quantum Theory (for and about rocket propulsion)

A raft of esoteric comments have appeared at Kevin Randle's blog, following his posting about the Coyne UFO episode of October 1973.

Larry asked for a source about the Heim quantum theory regarding rocker propulsion. Here is a link to an abstract that may pertain:



Monday, August 11, 2014

The Socorro Symbol ends up in a movie

Our colleague, Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca, captured an image of an alien text/book in the 1985 movie, Enemy Mine:
Since the movie appeared a little over 20 years after the Socorro event (1964), the symbol circled in white and others didn't cause the Zamora drawing or sighting.

But it is interesting that whomever created the movie's alien book arrived at alien writing or Hughes Aircraft techie drawings for the movie that revitalize the Socorro UFO event.


Saturday, August 09, 2014

Roswell and a Socorro saucer crash in the 1940s?

A paper by Greg Fewer, MA Archaeologist & Historian that some who visit here might find interesting:

Fewer paper