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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The 1947 Flying Disc Panoply (by way of the FBI)

If you don't have or haven't seen the gathering of the FBI papers dealing with "flying discs," I suggest you get your hands on the PDF. (We have it in our archived files, and will provide it, if there is a real interest by some readers here. (Isaac Koi also will have a PDF is you have access to him via Above Top Secret.)

The picture above is one of several provided in the FBI papers; it's the Urie sighting of August 1947 at the Snake River Canyon.

What's interesting, to me, is that in all the witness accounts, none refer to the "things" seen  as flying discs or flying saucers. (UFO was not coined yet for flying objects reported by persons.)

The FBI consistently uses the term "flying disc" or "flying discs" derived from the Roswell reportage and in a time-frame devoid of the saturation of the term "flying saucer" that came from a reporter's sobriquet for Kenneth Arnold's observed gaggle of objects near Mt. Ranier earlier in 1947.

More importantly perhaps, is the sincerity of the reports, all coming well before the lunatic-like reportage in the 1950s and afterward. Flying discs were yet to be knickered by buffoonery.

One might find the 1947 witness descriptions extremely intriguing, smacking of intelligently controlled vehicles which would, sensibly, seem to be from somewhere beyond Earth.

What happened to sightings after 1947 may be attributed to the foolishness of Adamski and other "contactees." (See Nick Redfern's book Contactees for an overview of the milieu and persons involved.)

But for a pure rendition of the flying disc phenomena [sic] -- that's how the FBI referred to the sightings -- find the PDF, or ask me for it, and take a refreshed look at the subject matter of this blog.

You shall be enlightened.


Klass vs Maccabee on the Trent/McMinnville UFO photos

Okay you "serious ufologists" -- have at it, or shut up.


Huge UFO on Mars? (Sorry CDA)


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bruce Maccabee's (brilliant) Exegesis of Sheridan Cavitt's Roswell Debris Recollection

Here is UFO researcher Bruce Maccabee's paper on what Sheridan Cavitt (a Roswell officer in 1947) recounted about his accumulation of the Brazel/Roswell debris:


And here is Kevin Randle's take on a National Geographic airing of the Cavitt tale:


(For Roswell neophytes mostly)


An elongated skull spotted on Mars? (This is getting silly)


Monday, October 20, 2014

Can Brain Science Adequately Address Mystical and Spiritual Experiences (or UFOs)?

From our archives comes a Chapter from William Braud's Brains, Science, and Nonordinary and Transcendent Experiences: Can Conventional Concepts and Theories Adequately Address Mystical and Paranormal Experiences?


William Braud writes in his abstract that the Chapter "provides a balanced account of both the strengths and limitations of conventional cognitive science and neuroscience."

Citing William James and other notables, Mr. Braud offers the suggestion that the human brain (or consciousness) is capable and incapable of dealing with paranormal events, of which UFOs may represent such events:

Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness . . . is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different. We may go through life without suspecting their existence; but apply the requisite stimulus, and at a touch they are there in all their completeness, definite types of mentality which probably somewhere have their field of application and adaptation. No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded. (Varieties of Religious Experiences, Page 388)


A lions' den on Mars?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Petroglyphic/symbol of man on Mars?


Saturday, October 18, 2014

No extraterrestrial craft -- UFO, flying saucer, whatever -- would have a symbol on it.

We've provided these symbols as part of a much earlier posting here about UFO symbols.

My point in re-asserting the images is that I plan an upcoming piece on why visitors from outer space could not -- that is, could not! -- have symbols on any alleged craft they flew here.

The thesis is based on the human history of writing, which you can follow by first reading this article from Wikipedia:


This means that Lonnie Zamora's craft could not have been an extraterrestrial craft, a point I've made many times previously.

(The supposed symbol -- no matter which one is the real one -- is the smoking gun that defuses any argument for Socorro being an alien event.)


Vannevar Bush's intriguing Memex idea

The other Memex: The tangled career of Vannevar Bush's Information Machine, The Rapid Selector
Colin Burke *
Department of History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus, Baltimore, MD 21228-5398

*Correspondence to Colin Burke, Department of History, University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus, Baltimore, MD 21228-5398

information science history


Vannevar Bush had much less to do with modern information science and technology than has been thought. The histories of the two machines that were the closest Bush came to turning his famed Memex ideas into hardware, the Comparator and the Rapid Selector, dictate a reevaluation of Bush's direct influence. His 1930s attempts to build a device for America's codebreakers and to create a machine for the library of the future were less than successful. The story of the difficulties of the decades-long projects help to place Bush and Memex in an historical context. © 1992 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Received: 20 December 1991; Revised: 6 May 1992; Accepted: 23 June 1992


A few odd UFO encounters

Jan Wolski: The craft encountered by Wolski, May 1978 (courtesy of Harry Trumbore). Not recommended for interstellar travel!


This from David Pratt [2002], found in our archives:

Another intriguing case took place on the evening of 3 January 1979. Americans Filiberto Cardenas, his friend Fernando Marti, and Marti's wife and 13-year-old daughter were driving home when their car engine quit. The 2 men got out and began to look under the hood. They suddenly saw alternating red and violet lights reflecting off the engine and heard a sound 'like many bees'. The car began to shake, the light turned a brilliant white, and Fernando began to crawl further under the hood for protection. Meanwhile, Filiberto felt paralyzed and began to rise into the air, shouting 'Don't take me'. Fernando saw him rising up, and by the time he got out from under the hood, all he could see was a bulky object that ascended and moved away. The next thing Filiberto remembered was being nearly run over by a car on the Tamiami Trail about 16 km from where he had been lifted up. The police were sufficiently puzzled by the story that they listed the type of offence as 'close encounter of the third kind' in their official report.


UFO cruising over Moon's surface?


What would induce the U.S. military to consider flying saucer/aircraft designs?

Flying saucer/disk configurations were relatively rare in science fiction stories prior to Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting.

But there was a documented patent for a lenticular flying machine (according to Wikipedia) submitted by Romanian inventor Henri Coanda, who created a functional scale model in 1932, patenting his conception in 1935.

 A flying disc craft called the Discopter was patented by Alexander Weygers in 1944 (Wikipedia also tells us).

And in films, flying saucers were not depicted until 1950’s The Flying Saucer, and others in the 1950s time-frame.

So why were there efforts by the Army, Air Force, and even the Navy to come up with a flying saucer engineered/designed flying craft?

Did the military have access to films that showed such craft flying in the skies?

Did they actually recover a downed flying disc in Roswell, which spurred the military to try to come up with own versions?

What would cause even the slightest interest in the round flying craft design, except for some evidence that such things were extant after 1947?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Irish Cross on Mars?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The "Trickster" as a anthropomorphized metaphor is for lunatics

Bryan Daum makes a slight, quick reference to The Trickster in a comment for the Jackie Gleason post here:

Are they time travelers, observers, tricksters, specters, or what?

This about the purported beings who show up in UFO encounter reports.

The Trickster is a categorized attempt by humans to explain the vicissitudes -- the ups and downs -- of everyday (human) life.

Life is a common struggle, with bad moments and good moments.

To attribute a mythical or mystical being to a human construct, without tangible reality make me intellectually remorseful, furious even.

Bryan's comment was judicious and sensible so I'm not citing him for errant thought. It was only an aside.

But the constant use of The Trickster archetype by UFO buffs is egregiously ignorant and causes those who take psychological and philosophical disciplines seriously to move away from the UFO topic.

Althought there is a raft of commentary about The Trickster in anthropological circles and among Jungian acolytes (Joseph Campbell, for one), the concept is seen as a fictive being, not a real thing.

Just as Christians and other religious aficionados think Satan or angels are real beings, ufologists like to use The Trickster as a real being, causing some UFO sightings or events.

It's an ignorant stance.

Even as God is an iffy reality, The Trickster is so much more so.

I would hope that readers here would refrain from stretching credulity to a breaking point by using The Trickster metaphor as an explanation for some UFO events.

Was this encounter a Trickster event or fictional account by a woman with an irate husband who was trying to abate any knowledge of a dalliance? [See previous posting here about that .]
This is not The Trickster or his minions. It's an attempt to ward off repercussions of an affair.

The Trickster does not exist, has never existed, and should be relegated to the fiction category. Please.


A UFO with a common symbol

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides this sighting:
October 1980. 5 am.  Miguel García Abad 34, traveling on the Cadiz-Seville road, a few kilometers from the town of Jerez (Cadiz) about 300 meters to the left, sees a saucer-shaped object inverted , bright orange, with four spotlights strong light. The light around the appliance covers 100 meters. According to the witness, the flying saucer, about 12 meters in diameter. In the upper part exists an emblem formed by several radial black lines, perhaps about 5. The symbol highlighted about luminous object   . The witness continued to circulate. (Source "Expedientes Insólitos" Ballester Olmos. 1995.

The symbol is a readily available symbol in the human lexicon of symbols, so it doesn't provide the element of mystery that the Lonnia Zamora symbol has.

But it is interesting for being prominent on a UFO, an Earth prototype, or as part of an hallucinatory incident.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Alien/Extraterrestrial thinking and technology are too flawed to be real

In my posting about water is gold for UFOs, I note that the Earth is insignificant or inconsequential in the galactic scheme of things: it’s remote and unnoticeable, slight of planetary size, and without prominence of any kind….except for its surfeit of water.

If alien travelers stumbled upon it, they would very likely be astonished at the amount of water the surface contains, something extraordinary, even among those places noted by a commenter – the rings of Saturn or the outer moons cited.

The Earth is a unique place, mostly because of its water content, and the rather pure condition of that water, compared to those other cited sources, where any water is contaminated by chemicals and elements that detract from H2O.

This allows that old conjecture that the alleged Roswell crash derived from a flying disk that was struck by lightning at the time.

An alien craft, traveling through the vicissitudes of time, wormhole, or space itself, being downed by lightning is a stretch, but if an alien craft were from a time or place where there were no storms or water to create rain/storms and lightning, one can imagine a scenario where a lightning bolt could bring down a craft from elsewhere besides Earth.

But that Roswell suggestion is unique to the Roswell lore and beside the point here, a digression I needed to get off my chest.

What I’m dealing with here are those UFO events – not sightings in the sky – but the reported incidents where creatures are seen embarking from a strange object or craft and interacting with humans.

As noted by Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, in his citations for us here and at his blog/site, the “beings” reported act in bizarre ways that demean intelligence enhanced enough to travel through space or time.

The activities are psychotic-like, which allows for a consensus that the reports are the product of a delusional, hallucinatory witness or witnesses, a project of a deranged mind, often temporary, or a neurological twist that is momentary.

But if the event is reported as experienced by a sane normal witness, the beings from the UFO act in ways that make no sense and use technology that doesn’t bespeak an advanced civilization or culture.

For instance the approach and demeanor of the beings is rarely cautionary as one would expect from sophisticated space travelers.

The beings move erratically toward witnesses as if the witness(es) can do them no harm or are free of human germs, illnesses, or weapons that can hurt them.
Some will say that the beings are robotic and that’s a possibility, although the accounts seem to offer activity that is not robotic as we understand the term.

Asking for (again) water or objects of a mundane nature makes little or no sense.

And using ray guns to paralyze witnesses is too sci-fi-like to bequeath it to advanced alien travelers.

A civilization that was able to traverse space or time would seem likely to have some other method to disable a human, other than a Captain Video ray gun.

The apparel is generally Earth-fashioned, a projection upon beings that indicate the experience comes from the mind of the witness or alien beings live in a retro world that is stuck in the Earth’s past periods or a world that isn’t anywhere advanced enough to permit travels to far flung regions of the galaxy or universe – too old fashioned, as it were.

Then there is the rocket-like approach or departure of their “craft” as in the Socorro incident of those enumerated by Señor Caravaca and other ufologists.

An advanced civilization would seem likely to have a propulsion system devoid of rocket aftermath.

And finally, a species that takes an unscientific methodology to confront human beings, on side roads or empty spaces with little or no value to a well-traveled space-traveling armada, is loopy, even if one countenances the idea that we can’t fathom the alien mind.

The whole panoply of UFO stories about creatures or beings from space actually landing by human beings and presenting themselves in ways that are less than advanced makes scenarios that are human-oriented rather than actual accounts of outer space species interacting with humans.

And the mundane sub-text of those reported encounters reminds me of a Jackie Gleason, Honeymooners sketch where Ralph creates a space outfit with a funnel-created ray gun for a Halloween contest at his lodge.

Now, UFOs without the attending creature reports, that’s another matter altogether.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

A gun on Mars? (I don't see it.)


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

For UFOs, water is gold

The Science cable network, last night [10/7/14] had an account of a UFO event in Langenburg, Saskatchewan, in which a farmer was surprised to see a bevy of “machines” hovering over his farm-field(s), creating crop circles.

Initially he was drawn to the objects as they seemed to be siphoning water from the swamp adjoining his property.

The “story” reminded me of the 1966 Ann Arbor-Dexter/Hillsdale sightings in which Frank Mannor and some co-eds at Hillsdale College spotted eerie something(s) hovering over swamps in their areas.

(Frank Mannor thought the object, he and his son saw at his farm, was attracted to the swamp/water there.)

You all know of accounts, many, where objects (UFOs?) have been seen apparently taking water aboard: Wanaque, among them and many more that can be found here:

I think an argument can be made that UFOs have sought out the Earth (as inconsequential as this planet is in our galaxy and the universe generally, as I’ve argued for some time) because it is a water planet.

Water may be a novelty for UFOnauts or maybe even a valuable commodity (as gold is for humans).

Or do you UFOs come back from the future wherein the Earth is in a dire, drought-ridden state?

Or are UFOs from a meandering civilization (Mars?) that lost its water millennia ago, needing the sustaining element to survive?

Whatever the phenomenon is, even a delusion, why would it be attracted to water?